Despite the rapid developments in technology and introduction of online booking tools and mobile apps, the business travelers still prefer booking with travel companies. You might not be surprised at that, but will find some of the reasons why they do so very interesting.

It’s got more that to do with the need of a human touch or the comfort of have someone to rely upon to get things done, although they are good enough reasons themselves. Travel managers and decision makers may want to take note of some of these trends while planning their travel procurement.

1. Access to more service options and information

Agents have greater access when it comes to getting you the best solutions. Be it the better flight connections or that right hotel near the conference location – travel agents have access to more suppliers and are better updated. And that’s been getting better thanks to the advancements in technology.

2. Better Discounts and Benefits

Travel agents also bring with the power of large volumes and the buying power that comes with it. They can get much more done for you when it comes to discounts and perks – be it saving on large events and group travels by negotiating on your behalf or getting that exceptional room or cabin upgrade.

3. Insider Knowledge of the Industry

Their knowledge and negotiation power comes from the connections in the industry as much as from their experience and expertise. They can also leverage their presence in multiple locations, global networks and local partnerships to get better rates the are not available if you are booking your own. They are also in a better position to inform you about the supplier and service dynamics that could help you get a better travel program running for your employees.

4. Assist in Crisis Management & Emergency Travel

Business travel companies are better updated about travel advisories and trends in the corporate travel world. Their travel consultants and managers are also better positioned to understand how these complexities could affect your business trips, like having a fallback travel plan in case of delays and advising on possible disruptions or changes in service.

5. Let’s you focus on what you do best

Let’s face it – travel is not what most of us do best. There is so much that even the latest technologies can help us achieve in this regard. Apps and OBT may be developing, but so are service offerings and complexities of delivering them to the end users. From making changes to your flights or finding an alternate service back home to handling a special request at the hotel you booked – all of these technologies still require a human intervention at some point anyway.

So why not save the hassle and let the experts handle it?

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