Business travel is returning – perhaps slowly but surely. Careful planning is essential for ensuring traveler safety and compliance to government regulations more than ever. The second wave of covid-19 with newer strains and uncertainty about the path the outbreak over the winter months in the Northern hemisphere has pushed majority of companies to turn their attentions to 2021 for the potential recovery of business travel.

While there is no doubt that the current pandemic and the uncertainty around the impact of the second wave is delaying the return of business travel, the outlook for 2021 looks very positive with companies planning a return to regular trips, events and face-to-face meetings. And it is indeed encouraging to see travel administrators and senior management do this in a careful and safe way. Here are some of the best resources we’ve come across providing:

Resources for Airlines & Air Transport Professionals by IATA

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a huge impact on aviation and air travel industry. On these pages, you will find resources to support airlines and other aviation stakeholders during the COVID-19 crisis and industry’s restart.

Covid-19 Worldwide Cases Dashboard by WHO

The dashboard provided by World Health Organization (WHO) presents Covid-19 cases across the globe on an interactive map. The dashboard is constantly updated with latest data coming in from various countries, and is considered one of the most authentic and up-to-date resource when it comes to tracking the Covid-19 spread.

Safe Travels: Global Protocols & Stamp for the New Normal by WTTC

WTTC alongside our Members, governments, health experts and other industry associations are working together to achieve effective recovery protocols by developing meaningful action plans that optimize sector-wide recovery efforts. Protocols published for various industries – including Hospitality, Aviation, Airports, Convention Centers and MICE, Car Rental and Insurance – align the private sector behind common standards to ensure the safety of its workforce and travelers as the sector shifts to a new normal.

Travel Regulations Map powered by Timatic

This interactive map is regularly updates and provides most accurate information available from governments across the globe regarding their travel regulations. The information is gathered by Timatic by partnering with airlines, as well as developing closer bilateral relations with government agencies worldwide. Timatic enables airlines and other aviation partners to securely manage the passenger document verification process which require 100% reliable information.

Travel Recovery Insights Portal by BCG on Tableau Public

Throughout 2020 Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has maintained this portal to track and understand the pace and shape of airline recovery. The portal that concluded in Dec 2020, used data provided by ARC, 3Victors, and others, to provide tools and dashboards needed to understand the trends.

Industry Restart Common Resources from various organization

Reassurance materials including infographics, documents and videos that you can share with travelers. Topics include mask usage, cabin air quality, transmission risks and biosafety among others.

Corporate Travel Standards Report by TAMS

The Travel and Meetings Standards (TAMS) taskforce is a global, independent coalition of more than 180 corporate travel professionals. TAMS recently released the Standards of Safety in Business Travel, a report that aims to help guide organizations, suppliers and institutions in developing their own business travel policies and standards.

Industry and Covid-19 Resources by ECI

The Events Industry Council (EIC) has resource pages for event organizers and industry professionals that includes health and safety standards and protocols, accepted practices for meeting and event design, and a curated repository of COVID-19 resources.

Airport Health Accreditation Programme by ACI

The Airport Health Accreditation (AHA) program by Airports Council International (ACI) provides airports with an assessment of how aligned their health measures are with the ACI Aviation Business Restart and Recovery guidelines and ICAO Council Aviation Restart Task Force recommendations along with industry best practices. Topics include cleaning and disinfection, physical distancing (where feasible and practical), staff protection, physical layout, passenger communications and passenger facilities.

Clean & Safe Protocol by HRS & SGS

The Clean & Safe Protocol provides both corporations and hoteliers with a well-defined standard at a time when cleanliness and property hygiene is the leading factor as corporations plan to send business travelers back on the road. This global hygiene and health protocol specializes in corporate lodging categories of Transient, Groups and MICE, based on guidelines from WHO, CDC, WTTC, RIFEL and Global Wellness Institute. The program is co-created by HRS Group in association with SGS Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), Geneva.

Change And Cancellation Policies of Major Airlines by Forbes

List of all major international airlines with their latest change and cancellation policies is published by Forbes. Thought the details are summarized as much as possible, the list is quite long. The best way to find a specific airline is to use the find function provided by your browser (Press Control/Command + F, then type the name).

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We hope that these resources from various organizations and governing bodies will guide you in creating a successful return to travel policy for your company. Do share your thoughts as well as any other resources, documents or website that you would recommend for the business travel community.

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